• Parent Coordination

    High conflict cases can clog up courtrooms and community services. Parenting Coordination (PC) is a hybrid of case management, mediations, consultation, arbitration and recommendations to the court. The parameters can be set by the parties or can be ordered by the court. The Parent Coordinator meets with the family members, interviews the parties and the children, reads all documents related to the case and makes recommendations to the court. The PC also communicates with therapists, lawyers, schools, and other family members as decided in the scope set by the court.

    The purpose of a PC is to work themselves out of a job. The PC attempts this by giving feedback on messages (email/text), helping parents focus on the needs of their children when making decisions and gradually training all parties to a less reactive style of interacting. Recommendations and updates are sent to the court, the attorneys and interested parties on a regular basis. Expert Review Cases that are new to the court but have an extensive history and multiple accusations between the parties, can pose complex problems.