• Monitored Exchange

    Monitored (or supervised) exchanges are designed to ensure that children can have safe transfer with a non-custodial parent without conflict. Our therapeutic environment ensures children aren’t exposed to negative or violent interactions and can express genuine responses to both parents without “guilt.” Often, when there is a history of conflict, children don’t want to show happiness at seeing their parent for fear they will “hurt” the other parent.

    Pre-arranged times are scheduled at which the custodial parent/guardian brings the child to our office or a neutral location. The visiting parent picks up the child for off-site visitation and returns him/her to the center at another pre-arranged time. Staggered pick-up and drop-off times are usually arranged so that the parents do not have to be in contact with one another. The actual exchange is monitored by staff who generally try to ease the process for the child. All exchanges are documented by our staff.


    Intake Process

    A court order is not required for monitored exchanges.  Parties and/or attorneys must contact admin@familytiesconsulting.com and include your name and phone number. A staff member will contact you for an intake within 48 business hours.



    Fees apply and will be discussed at time of intake.